Welcome to French with Caroline!


If you received a link to this blog, it’s because I am your child’s French teacher this year. I thought it would be useful for you to be kept abreast of the French skills we are working on over the year, in case you want to reinforce any of it at home. On this site, you will find videos of me singing songs or performing puppet skits, links to great music videos that help with vocabulary development, as well as suggestions for effective online resources. You will find the material you are looking for by selecting the category of interest from the list above.

Recently, we have been practicing the content in the following videos, which you will find under the category “kindergarten – puppets, songs, and finger rhymes”:

  • Il fait froid froid froid
  • Attention! Il fait froid!
  • Dans mon pays d’hiver

I welcome your questions or suggestions. Please email me at caroline.sparling@ocdsb.ca.  Enjoy!